City Woodchipping Program

The City of Nash will begin a program to use its wood chipper to assist citizens in the removal of tree and brush debris. This will be completed once per month. It is subject to weather conditions and work priorities based on the calendar dates listed on this page. Residents desiring brush and tree debris removal should call City Hall at 903-838-0751. The purpose of the program is twofold. First, it is to assist Nash residents with disposal of tree and brush debris. Secondly, anyone is welcome to take the wood chips for residential use. Wood chips will be available at the old sewer plant at the end of Murray Street.

All residents should make note of the following guidelines:

  • The City will only pick up debris placed curbside in the front yard.
  • All tree debris must be cut into pieces no longer than 5 feet in length.
  • No debris over 3 inches in circumference will be picked up.
  • No household items of other forms of garbage will be picked up, only tree and brush debris.
  • No items in bags will be picked up.
  • No debris which is cut commercially will be removed. This program is for the benefit of Nash citizens, not business such as commercial landscape contractors.
  • The City will not cut down trees or brush.
  • All items which do not meet the criteria outlined above will not be removed by the City.