Nash Tax Increment and Reinvestment Zone

The City of Nash, in cooperation with the Commissioner’s Court of Bowie County, established a Tax Increment and Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) in July 2010.  The TIRZ covers 347 acres in Nash (see attached TIRZ map for specific location). The City and the County contribute 100 percent of additional property tax revenues generated within the zone starting at the 2010 tax appraised level and continuing for the next 25 years.

The TIRZ zone covers about 347 acres of mostly commercial property in Nash just south of 1-30.  The money raised inside the TIRZ zone would come from normal annual property tax revenue assessments on developing property within the zone as the next 25 years transpire.

This amount of money would rise from the current 2010 base rate as it is assessed during the next 25 years. This money would then be earmarked to go back toward funding public improvements within the zone, including water and sewer lines and streets.