Come to Nash to Find Friendly Faces

The people of Nash have a long history of supporting each other

The City of Nash started out as T.C. Junction. It was renamed in 1884 to Park, TX after Dr. John N. Parker, the first postmaster in the city. In 1906, the city honored Martin Manny Nash, Division Superintendent for the Texas & Pacific Railroad Company, and rechristened the city Nash, TX.

No matter what you called it, this place has always been a place of growth and working together. In the days when the First Transcontinental Railroad ran through town, we welcomed newcomers who were ready to build new lives in the Texarkana area. Now, people come by plane, car and bus to find just as welcoming an environment.

The Texarkana Children's Advocacy Center and CASA held their First annual Save Jane event today. We all have high hopes that events like this will raise awareness of child abuse. Mayor Robert Bunch was honored to be a part of such effort