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We welcomed newcomers who were ready to build new lives in the Texarkana area. Now, people come by plane, car and bus to find just a welcoming environment.

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Before entering the court, have a good look of the rules

All persons entering the courtroom are subject to search for weapons of any kind including guns, any size knives or other dangerous objects.

All items that might be used as a weapon are prohibited and subject to being confiscated.

No purses, backpacks, food or beverages are allowed in courtroom.

No visible underwear, sagging pants, exposed midriff, shorts, flip flops or bare feet allowed.

No caps, do-rags, tank tops, tube tops, or halter tops allowed.

No clothing with offensive slogans, wording or advertisment of alcohol, drugs, illegal activities or gangs allowed.

No feet on chairs, reading magazines or newspapers allowed.

No cell phones, pagers, distractive activity, or talking allowed.

No sleeping – if you can’t stay awake, stand in the back of the courtroom.

Any inappropriate dress or clothing may result in your being removed from the coortoom and your case being rescheduled.

You will stand when the judge enters and exits the courtroom.