Municipal Court

Nash Municipal Court handles Class C misdemeanors only. These are low-leavel, fine-only offenses that have taken place within the City of Nash. Some examples of these types of offenses are traffic violations such as speeding or expired registration; as well as, public intoxication and violations of City Ordinances. Although these charges by themselves won't land you in jail, a warrant may be issued for your arrest if you neglect to pay the fines.

I got a ticket, so now what?!

If you have been given a ticket in the City of Nash, it's ok, you have a couple of different options!

First, you can pay the fine outright. If you do not have the resources to pay it all at one time, you can sign up for a payment plan which allows you to pay it out over time.

Second, if the offense was a moving violation, you may be eligible for Defensive driving which will allow you to pay a portion of your fine and take a class to keep the offense from going on your record.

And third, if you are unemployed, we also allow community service to be done in order to satisfy the fine for the offense. It is, however, the responsibility of the defendant to find a place that has community service hours available.

If you would like to request a court date to go before the Judge and plead not guilty or ask for leniency, please contact Nash Municipal Court @ 903-838-0822.

As mentioned above, if you fail to contact the court to make arrangements to resolve your citation by the deadline provided, warrants will be issued for all unresolved traffic tickets!

Warrant Listing 2022

The following is a list of the open warrants that have been issued by the City of Nash in the last 5 years. This report will be updated at the first of each month. If your name appears on this list and you would like to avoid arrest, call Nash Municipal Court @ 903-838-0822. We will gladly provide you with the options available for resolution of your case.

Buddy Hawkins

Municipal Judge